i myself have never had a chance to meet the wolf in furson but i love his garden....its dreamy :P and i cant help but love the fact that well he EXISTS
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Shepsuit at EF13:

The Shepsuit, with friends, at EF13:

Pawnote: There were two other Brokken suits present at the con, which was most pleasing. Not as pleasing, though, as the Shepsuit being photographed by Lance Ikegawa, the man who inspired Brokken to branch out into fursuit making in the first place; I'm told that it is a great honour to have your fursuit photographed by him :)

Duke goes Gangsta

Don't think much of the music, but here's Duke, the 'older brother' of the Shepsuit (created by Brokken) in action:

If it wasn't for my spotting Duke on Brokken's website, the Shepsuit probably wouldn't have become a reality...
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With Tongue

Brokken rode me!

In an odd departure from his usual rolling, while at MFF Brokken rode me!  I feel so blessed... 
In light of this, and in order to become a more traditional fanboy...  I've decided to never wash again.  *Nods*